Get spider and ant control services in Houston, TX

Get spider and ant control services in Houston, TX

Don't Get Bit!

Don't panic if fire ant mounds are popping up all over your property. We can treat that! Turn to Getcha Pest Control for ant control services. We can place bait around the ant mounds and use our products to flush out their tunnels. By the time our exterminator is done treating your yard for fire ants, there won't be any left to terrorize you and your family.

Tired of getting bit by fire ants? Call 832-908-4474 today to get a free estimate for our ant control services.

Spider Control in Houston, TX

Are spiders taking over your home?

Unlike cockroaches and stink bugs, spiders can truly harm you. If you have spiders hanging around your home, you should have them removed right away. Getcha Pest Control can handle all of your spider control needs. We can use a chemical powder to kill off spiders lurking in your home and yard. This will:

  • Help protect your family, friends and pets from getting bit
  • Get rid of unsightly cobwebs
  • Give you peace of mind

Contact us immediately to arrange for spider control services. We'll treat your doors, porch lights and flower beds to remove your infestation the first time.